Valentines Day: Date Ideas





Go to a local ice skating rink, hold hands, and glide the night away together. Pack a thermal with hot chocolate and try building a fire to create smores.


Karaoke Singing 

Add some fun to your date by singing your heart out at home or a karaoke bar. 


Spa Day

Book a couples treatment at a local spa for Valentines Day, or give a sensual massage at home.


Cooking class

Learn to cook a new meal at a cooking class.


Drive-in Movie  

If their is a drive-in movie theater in your area, you should go to it. This allows you to be more social with your partner plus you can bring your own food and beverages.


Dirty Dancing

Burn a CD or create a playlist of your dates favorite songs or songs from your dating days and dance the night away. 


Discover New Art

Go to local galleries and museums to survey the art scene.


Catch a Concert

See if  your local area is having an upcoming concert for Valentines Day. If you find an outdoor concert pack a picnic and blanket so you are able to dance and dine in the same place.