Spruce It Up!

 A new year always brings a fresh start so why not update your home with these glam accessories. Home Update

 Easy Tips to Refreshing a Room:

1. Try adding fun pillows. This is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color to a room. I recommend looking at Lulu & Georgia Furbish Studio, and One Kings Lane for endless pillow options.

2. Order Coffee Table Books. It is another easy way to change up a room. These don’t have to be expensive books, nor do they have to be huge. I’m a lover of fashion so I usually order fashion books through Amazon and rarely spend more than $30 for a new book.

3. Mix up metals. Try adding more gold to a room. Gold is timeless and pretty much goes with any color. Hang a gold mirror or gold picture frame to add more pizazz.

4. Find a decorative tray. Trays are so versatile and look amazing on coffee tables, vanities or dressers.

5. New smell. I constantly update the smells of my house to change the ambiance of a room. My favorite scents are lavender and fresh linen.

Get the items above:

1. Accent Tray// 2. Pattern Pillow// 3. Flower Vase// 4. Rose Scented Candle// 5. Wall Art// 6. Jewelry Box// 7. Bookend// 8. Voluspa Candle// 9. What the Wha Pillow// 10. Mirror