Happy Easter



The ultimate sacrifice.

Some believe that he died so we will live and on this day his spirit rose…now that’s love! What are you willing to sacrifice for the belief in our highest power or our loves ones?

“Love thy neighbor.” This month I am going to focus on forgiveness. We have all been forgiven for something, so why not forgive those who have done us wrong. We are all prone to making mistakes, we all have been hurt, we all have caused hurt, so let’s forgive. For if we don’t we can only cause more harm to ourselves through bitterness, resentment, anguish and in turn we can isolate ourselves and lead us to blame others for our troubles.

As we celebrate Easter, let’d keep in mind the true meaning of this day. Let your love ones know how much they mean too you, uplift others with a smile and forgive those we have labeled a “Foe”.

Special thanks to Bette’s Flowers for the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Be sure to check them out. They make wonderful floral arrangements.