Dream Dressing Room

Arhaus Hayden Sofa // Arhaus Hemisphere Geode Chandelier // Arhaus Adelaide Chest //Arhaus Nara Bench 56″


My dream dressing room will be a reflection of my personal style, girly and glamorous. The room would be an extension of my closet and feature light pink walls, gold accents, and stylish yet comfy seating. The room will be small enough to feel like an intimate dressing room, but big enough to fit an Arhaus Hayden Sofa in GRM Magenta (custom color) and an Arhaus Adelaide Chest. Beautifully printed throw pillows and this cozy faux fur Arhaus throw in Ivory will keep my friends comfortable as they wait for me to finish getting ready (apparently I take “forever” to get ready). A full-length mirror will be featured opposite the sofa. On top of the chest, I will have the Arhaus Balor Lamp and a vase of beautifully curated flowers that will add a natural flowery fragrance to the room. I would also place the Arhaus Nara Bench in a cream shade inside my closet for additional seating. Finally, the beautiful Arhaus Hemisphere Geode Chandelier in Brass will hang in the center of the room. Arhaus has a bunch of hanging lights and chandeliers that are not only perfect for a dressing room but for any room!


I would love to hear what your dream dressing room will be like, so be sure to comment below!



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