Dinner Party Do’s & Don’ts

Dinner Party Donts


If you are the hostess, do…

  1. Have the table prepared before guests arrive.
  2. Take guests dietary needs into consideration.
  3. Offer an alternative to alcohol.
  4. Keep the bathroom well stocked.
  5. Make a playlist. Background music makes things more festive.
  6. Announce “Dinner is ready; Shall we go in?” and lead the way to dinner.

If you are the hostess, don’t…

  1. Be late serving the food.
  2. Rush through the courses. Have a pause between them to allow for second helpings.
  3. Have dessert at the table. Spice things up and have it in the living room.
  4. Let the guest do the dishes. Unless they’re compulsive.
  5. Write thank-you notes. Give a gift! It doesn’t have to be something expensive.

If you are the guest, do…

  1. Come bearing gifts.
  2. Offer to help.
  3. Pay attention to what others around you are saying.
  4. Do take the invite and responses seriously.
  5. Follow the dress code if one is set.

If you are the guest, don’t…

  1. Arrive early but don’t arrive more than 15 minutes late.
  2. Use your cell phone throughout the dinner. If you have an emergency, excuse yourself.
  3. Bring something you expect the hostess to integrate into the meal.
  4. Stay too late or leave too early.
  5. Show-up with someone unexpected.