101 in 1001


Start Date: May 20, 2015

Finish Date: February 14, 2018

Completed: 11% (11/101)


1. Finish this list.

2. Graduate from College.

3. Become bilingual in Italian.

4. Learn another language. French? Spanish? Portuguese?

5. Drink only water for a month.

6. Buy someone in line behind me their coffee.

7. Host a tea party.

8. Learn to cook five meals.

9. Learn to make 5 new desserts.

10. Move to a new city after graduation.

11. Vote in a presidential election.

12. Vote in a non-presidential election.

13. Read three biographies.

14.Read three classics.

15. Organize my jewelry.

16. Spruce up my bathroom.

17. Read at least 20 new books.

18. Host a dinner party.

19. Wake up every day at 5 a.m. for two weeks.

20. Inventory my wardrobe and donate or toss pieces I do not wear.

21. Volunteer for a cause I am passionate about.

22. Donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities each year.


23. Take a photography class.

24. Get a fashion related internship.

25. Land a summer internship in a new city.

26. Create Videos for the blog.

27. Get a job after graduation.

28. Get a new headshot taken.

29. Collaborate with a favorite brand.

30. Purchase a new camera lens.

31. Contribute a to major online or print magazine .

32. Create a editorial schedule for my blog & stick to it.

33. Build social and digital strategy skills.

34. Hire a photographer.

35. Logo Revamp.

36. Develop a marketing campaign for my blog.

37. Complete 10 beauty posts.

38. Create a strict work schedule and stick to it for 2 weeks.

39. Host a brand event.

40. Go to a bloggers conference.

41. Collaborate with a local boutique.

42. Coordinate a photoshoot & lookbook.

43. Attend fashion week.

44. Surprise a reader with a gift.

45. Publish 5 “how to” post.

46. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

47. Feature 10 women on my blog.

48. Collaborate with 3 bloggers.

Family & Friends

49. Run a 5k with a friend.

50. Give five just because gifts.

51. Send 3 flower arrangements to family members.

52. Take a cooking class with friends.

53. Mail a care package to my brother.

54. Write 5 handwritten notes to family members.

55. Visit a friend during a break.


56. Try a new restaurant.

57. Go 4 spring parties.

58. Go Shopping with friends.

59. See 4 new releases the day they come out. (Pitch Perfect 2, 50 Shades of Grey, Rogue One)

60. See a performance at the Ford Center.

St. Louis

60. Create a St. Louis city guide.

61. See a show at the Muny.

62. See a show at the Fox Theatre.

63. Visit 3 new restaurants.

64. Grab a bite at La Patisserie Chouquette.

65. Have ice cream at Serendipity. (Summer 2015)

66. Get fresh fruit and vegetables at the Soulard Farmers Market.

67. Have lunch at Ballpark Village.


68. Travel to a new state.

69. Tavel to a country. (Italy Summer 2016)

70. Travel to a new continent. (Europe Summer 2016)

71. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

72. Take a trip with my mom. (Spring Break 2016)

73. Take a trip with my gals.

74. Go on 3 weekend trips.

75. Visit the Navy Pier in Chicago.

76. Visit my brother 3 times in Starkville, MS.


77. Leave a 100% tip for great service.

78. Rent a Vespa.

79. Spend a day at a lake.

80. Have a kick ass 21st Birthday. (Las Vegas 2016)

81. Go Ice skating.

82. Take photos in a photo booth.(October 2016)

82. Go to an opera performance.

83. See three concerts.

85. Watch a sunrise. (Sunshine Skyway)

86. Watch a sunset.

87. Go hiking.

88. Take a pottery class. (Summer 2016)

89. Take a yoga class. (November 2016)

90. Get a facial.

91. Attend a music festival.

92. See an outdoor movie. (Summer 2015, The Sound of Music)

93. Watch three classic movies.

94. Join a book club.

95. Go wine tasting after I turn 21.

96. Spend an afternoon at a Botanical Garden.

97. See an NHL game.

98. Have a picnic.

99. See a tennis match.

100. Go on a bike ride.


101. Save $5 for every accomplished goal

  • I love lists like these! A cooking class would be so much fun (+ yay for outdoor movies and picnics!)! :]

    unroll.me is a super-awesome way to clean out your email subscriptions! :D

  • Samantha LeAnn

    I really think this list is a great idea! I may make one for myself! I am actually having a brunch party for my upcoming birthday. It is not exactly the same as a tea party but I can definitely let you know how it goes.